Collecting Bottles

Bottle collecting has been a long time hobby across the world. There are tons of sites and forums dedicated to the art of “digging” for bottles, with each hobbyist showcasing their finds and hauls.

So Why Is Bottle Collecting So Popular?

Bottles hold a lot of history. They have evolved so much over that time that finding one dating back even fifty years can be thrilling. Their shape, weight, texture, glass type, and even color can show the evolution of a particular brand, bottling company or manufacturer. Additionally, out of print bottlers and products no longer available are equally excitable.

If you think about it, bottles are extremely fragile. Digging up an in-tact bottle from 1920 is particularly exciting, as it has withstood the test of time.

So What Bottles Are Popular?

All old, vintage, and antique bottles are popular among collectors. Some common bottles we see (and are sought after) include:

  • Old Coca Cola Bottles
  • Antique Apothecary Bottles
  • Vintage Bitters Bottles
  • Vintage Pepsi Bottles
  • Old Whiskey Jugs
  • Antique Liquor Bottles
  • Vintage Milk Bottles

We try to bring you a wide selection of different bottles that may be collectible and of interest to collectors. We cover all types of bottles and from various time periods. We regularly update the site with new bottles, so be sure to bookmark us and check back for more interesting finds!

Vintage and Antique Bottles

Vintage and Antique Bottles